VSU Soundproofing Data Sheet

Vinyl Soundproofing Undrelayment – VSU is a free floating, dry leveling, sound reducing, time and money saving fast track underlay  system. Jumpax is capable of creating a super smooth joint less surface for direct glue down of resilient floor coverings such as linoleum, sheet vinyl, VCT, LVT, vinyl plank, cork floors and PSA backed carpets.

Jumpax Soundproofing Data:

Jumpax Soundproofing DataVinyl Soundproofing Undrelayment soundproofing underlay is suitable for commercial and residential use. The dual underlayment system consists of a composed based board and a calibrated top board and is the best underlay system in terms of leveling and impact sound reduction.

Vinyl Soundproofing Undrelayment soundproofing systems have been installed in universities, hospitals, condominiums, apartments, hotels and resorts and commercial places all over the world. In addition, it has been installed in commercial and public buildings to prevent high-traffic passages on the floors above from intruding conference, office and meeting areas.

Vinyl Soundproofing Undrelayment can easily be installed over concrete, gypsum topping or APA plywood on existing floors, new construction or renovations.

Vinyl Soundproofing Undrelayment Soundproofing Product Specification:

  • Total thickness 10 mm / 3/8”
  • Board Size 23 ⅝” x 47 ¼”
  • Boards per package 4 ea top & bottom
  • Quantity per package 31 sq ft
  • Weight – sq ft 1.35 lbs per sq ft
  • Weight per package 42 lbs

Advantage of Using Vinyl Soundproofing Undrelayment Soundproofing System

  • Fast Track Floor Prep saves time and money on floor preparation
  • Outstanding Floor Leveling up to 1/8”over 3ft up to 1/4″ over 10 foot span
  • Sound Reducing Qualities ideal for universities, hospitals, condominiums, Apartments, hotels, resorts and commercial places
  • Super Smooth Surface for joint less direct glue down of resilient floor covering