VSU Soundproofing Floor Maintenance

VSU Soundproofing Floor Maintenance:

jumpaxAfter Soundproofing Floor Installation:

  • Maintain room temperature at 65 degrees Fahrenheit for 48 hours after installation is completed.
  • This assures proper curing, setting and bonding of products.
  • The adhesive under your floor needs time to thoroughly dry after installation.
  • For vinyl sheet, allow the seams to seal for 8 hours after seam application. This will ensure the proper seam bond and a seamless finish. If seams are disturbed before they’re dry, permanent damage may result.

Protection for your VSU Soundproofing Floor

  • When moving appliances or heavy furniture, lay a plywood panel on your floor and “walk” the item across it. This protects your floor from scuffing and tears.
  • Use Floor Protectors on furniture to reduce indentation. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the item, the wider the floor protector needed.
  • Be careful with rolling casters. They can damage the floor.

General Maintenance for VSU Soundproofing Floor

Remove dust and/or vacuuming is a quick and easy way to clear the floor from any dust and “sharp” dirt such as sand. Depending on the use and the desired surface gloss /shine, the floor can (if necessary daily) be cleaned and/or additional be protected with special vinyl cleaner products recommended by the particular brand of vinyl strips / tiles which have been used.

As for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Remove dust and sharp dirt regularly with dust wiper and/or vacuum cleaner.

Remove stains with just a damp (well wringed) cleaning cloth.

Always avoid the use of excessive water / moisture.
***Always follow manufactures written instructions for floor maintenance