Superfloor Spec Data

Superfloor acoustical carpet underlayment is a premium carpet pad designed for use under carpet and carpet tiles. Most carpet pads are made from foam or rubber and deteriorate very fast causing wear paths and wear spots in the carpet in areas of high traffic. Superfloor is different than any other carpet pad in the market today offering glue down or traditional carpet tack installation.

Superfloor Data SheetSuperfloor underlayments are designed to prolong the life of your carpet, while providing superior sound ratings for impact foot traffic noise. Superfloor carpet pads will not wear out like traditional carpet pads do.

Superfloor carpet pad underlayment is a 100% natural wood product made from recycled materials. Superfloor carpet underlayment is easily installed under carpet with carpet tacks or can be glued down.

Superfloor can also be installed under commercial carpet and is perfect for schools, classrooms and dormitories.


img5Soundproofing Benefits

  • Superior sound rating, IIC ratings for luxury condo’s & homes
  • Self Leveling, over 1/8″ per 3 feet, saving time & money
  • Thermal qualities, saves on heating & cooling costs
  • Stable top surface, simulates the feel of nail down hardwood using
    less expensive flooring material
  • Installation with floated methods
  • Unique product design increases the life of the finished floor
  • Moisture and mold resistant

Product Specs

  • 7 mm thick (9/32″)
  • 23 1/3″ x 33 7/8″ sheets
  • 109 sq ft per package
  • up to 2 mm leveling
  • carpet can be stretched or glued down


LEED Analysis

LEED Analysis Impacta wood fiber underlay systems

Recycled Content:
Jumpax, Redupax, Paladin, Soundeater, Superfloor product are comprised of FSC certified wood fiber under flooring

Applicable Credits:

LEED-NC MR 4.1 and MR 4.2
LEED-EB MR 2.1 – MR 2.5
Fabrication Location:

The extraction points for the materials in the Jumpax  are outside of the 500 mile radius.

Sub Floor Requirements / Preparation

Superfloor can be installed over existing flooring, structurally sound plywood , gypsum topping and concrete subfloors. Smooth and Flat – Remove any high spots with a terrazzo grinder or sander and fill any low spots with a good quality cement based patch mix.

Concrete Sub Floors

Concrete should be at least 60 days old. Inspect the concrete before installing flooring over it. First inspect for any wetness at the base of the drywall or for visible signs of moisture on the concrete. Second, test for moisture. Moisture Testing: Impacta Technical Services requires the use of moisture tests on all concrete and wood sub floors. Sub floor moisture percentages should not exceed the flooring manufacturer’s or Technical Services recommendations of 3-4 pounds per 1,000 sq uare feet over 24 hours, whichever is lowest.

~ Superfloor should not be installed if the relative air humidity is above 75%.
~ Superfloor should not be installed if the HVAC is not operational with a maintained temperature of at least 65° Fahrenheit