RFU Acoustic Tests

RFU Acoustic Tests Data

  • Made from 100% natural wood fiber, allows for leveling of floor imperfections up to ⅛” per 3 ft.
  • Free-floating, economical underlay saves installation time
  • Rigid, stable top surface simulates the sound and feel of nail-down hardwood flooring.
  • Excellent thermal qualities for warmth and comfort
  • High smoothing qualities, creates a beautiful finished floor
  • Will not bounce like many foam & felt products, increases lifetime of the floor.
  • Removes the hollow sound attributed to many floated engineered hardwood and laminate floors

Floated Laminate flooring over 9mm RFU over 6″ IIC 52 RP-1A concrete slab-no ceiling

Floated Eng. Hardwood over 9mm RFU over 6″ concrete slab- no ceiling FIIC 60  RP-2B

Floated Eng. Hardwood over 9mm RFU over 1 ½” gypsum topping over 5/8″ plywood –  16” TJI – 24 centers RC1 channel – batt insulation – 1 layer 5/8 GWB  IIC 52 RP-1A

Floated Eng. Hardwood over 9mm RFU over 1 ½” lightweight concrete topping over 5/8″ plywood – 2 x 10″ – 16″ centers- batt insulation, RC-1 channel, 5/8″ GWB   FIIC 57 RP-6A