QuiteFloor Soundproofing – CeraZorb

CERAZORB is a lightweight underlayment system that has been specially Designed for use under tile, stone and wood.  CeraZorb offers high energy impact with low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads.

cerazorb-insulating-synthetic-cork-underlayment-(48--x-24--x-5mm)CeraZorb is an expanded polypropylene underlayment that will not rot, swell, Absorb water and is anti-microbial.  CeraZorb has been tested and has the Performance equal to ½” natural cork at a much lower price.

CeraZorb TBU is a 5mm thick underlayment system that has been specially designed for setting tile and stone flooring.  CeraZorb TBU offers excellent  insulation properties along with the ability to be used in place of regular tile backer board.

CeraZorb TBU offers high impact and low weight and will remain unchanged after repeated impact loads.

CeraZorb TBU is lightweight at only .07 lb per sq ft and will not rot, support mold or mildew, or absorb moisture, very stable—heat and cold resistant.

CeraZorb TBU  has a 1.5 R value, offers crack isolation of to 1/4” and achieves a 20 decibel improvement (∆ 20 per ASTM 2179‐3).

CeraZorb TBU Technical Data


  • Size: 2ft x 4ft
  • Thickness: 5mm—3/16”
  • Qty per Box: 30 Sheets—240 sq ft box
  • R Value: 1.5
  • TCNA Robinson Test: Light Commercial Rating
  • Weight: 0.56 lbs per sheet—19 lbs per box
  • Acoustic:  6” concrete slab ∆ IIC 20  / Wood Frame  Construction IIC 53 /  Field FIIC 59—7” concrete

CeraZorb TBU can also be  used with Edge Strips Kits. Edge Strip Kits are a new innovative product designed to make installicerazorb accessoriesng floor heating systems faster and easier. Edge Strip Kits provide a guide, around the perimeter of the room, for the self‐leveling compound to fill in and over the heat mat or cable. ESK decreasing the chance of dam‐aging the heat wire while troweling thinnest during tiling.

CeraZorb TBU‐  Thermal Break Underlayment reduces  temperature below heating mat by 3 degrees and increase temperature above the heating mat by 4‐6 degrees, thereby reducing your electric bill and increasing the  efficiency  of the heating system.

Installation of Tile, Stone, or Marble

Follow applicable ANSI A.108/A.118/A.136 for proper  installation of ceramic tile. Always use a polymer modified mortar meeting ANSI A118.4 or 118.11. Install heating  element over CeraZorb.


Skim coat method: Key in a skim coat over the heating element & onto CeraZorb as the first step. Thin‐set tile in a second step using the appropriate notched trowel.

Self‐leveling cement (SLC) method: Lay heating element over CeraZorb. Brush SLC primer over heating element and onto CeraZorb. Apply SLC. Thin‐set tile in a second step using the appropriate notched trowel.

Installation Floating Laminate or Wood

cerazorb-laminate-woodTop vapor barrier required for film heating systems only.

A water‐proof sealer or vapor barrier is required below CeraZorb on slab subfloors where the calcium chloride test exceeds 3 lbs. per 1,000 SF in 24 hours.

Install (float) flooring layers as shown on the left. Duct tape CeraZorb seams together. After the first row is complete, install the second row with staggered seams to the first row.