VSU Acoustic Floor Tests

VSU Acoustic Floor Tests Product Data:

  • Designed for glue down Vinyl, VCT, LVT & Linoleum floors
  • VSU Acoustic Floor Can be installed over existing floor
  • Free floating, super leveling
  • Outstanding floor leveling (up to 2mm over 3ft up to 1/4″ over 10 foot span)
  • Time and money saver
  • Increased Thermal insulation due to product design
  • Impact sound reduction IIC & FIIC 55-60+

jumpax acoustic floor 6″ concrete slab-no ceiling No Underlayment no floor covering to download specs click here IIC27 JP-1

6″ concrete slab-no ceiling w/ Jumpax Underlayment with Linoleum┬áto download specs click here IIC51 JP-1B

What is IIC (Impact Isolation Class)

  • A value for evaluating the performance of the floor/ceiling assembly from structure borne noise
  • Floor underlayments in general are lightweight and designed specifically for impact isolation (IIC)
  • The higher the number the better the performance
  • Weight & mass helps with low frequency performance and will help the IIC performance of an underlayment

What is STC (Sound Transmission Class)

  • A value for evaluating the performance of interior walls and the floor/ceiling assembly to stop or insulate airborne
  • The higher the STC number the better the ability of the assembly to block airborne noise
  • Weight & mass play a major factor in the overall STC rating, the heavier the structure the higher the STC ratings will be

VSU Acoustic Floor systems have been installed in universities, hospitals, condominiums, apartments, hotels and resorts and commercial places all over the world. In addition, it has been installed in commercial and public buildings to prevent high-traffic passages on the floors above from intruding conference, office and meeting areas.