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Soundproofing Floor Underlayments by All Noise Control are the solution for foot fall or foot step noise between the floor / ceiling assembly.


CERAZORB is a lightweight underlayment system that has been specially Designed for use under tile, stone and wood.


ProBase Series floor underlayments are designed to reduce impact noise in the floor ceiling assembly.


Redupax Floor Underlayments are premium sound rated designed to reduce vibration or structure borne noise in the floor/ceiling


Paladin Floor Underlayment is lightweight and easily installed under floated Laminate engineered Hardwood flooring.

Soundproof Education

How to soundproof floors to reduce noise.

What is soundproofing

Soundproofing is defined as any method of reducing the ability of sound to travel between point A and point B, and is accomplished by the reduction of noise and the absorption of noise. A requirement in many professional recording studios, soundproofing is also becoming popular in residential structures, especially multi-family structures like apartments and condominiums […]

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Why Use Soundproofing Floors Underlayments

Why Use Soundproofing Floors Underlayments: Soundproofing Floor Underlayments are premium underlayments that are available in many models and provide sound isolation between the floor covering and the sub floor. Acoustic floor underlayments are different than any other underlayments on the market today. Each product and model has been designed, engineered and manufactured specifically around the […]

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Acoustical Glossary

Glossary of Acoustic Terms and definitions for various soundproofing words, as well as detailed descriptions of soundproofing concepts. ACOUSTICS: The scientific study of sound, its production, transmission, and effects. ACOUSTICAL: The properties of a material to absorb or reflect sound (adjective), Acoustically (adverb). ACOUSTICAL ANALYSIS: A review of a space to determine the level of […]

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What is Architectural Acoustics

Architectural acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building and is a branch of acoustical engineering. Different shapes of halls directly affect how the sound behaves within them, the finishing materials used have significant effect on the acoustics too. The combination of these two main factors will not only […]

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Difference Between Airborne & Structure Borne Noise

Airborne Noise & Structure Borne Noise Airborne Noise is noise that is travels through the air such as speech, television, radio, etc.  Airborne noise is typically controlled by weight and mass; the heavier the floor/ceiling or interior walls are the better its ability to stop or insulate airborne noise. Airborne noise is tested using the […]

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Acoustic Reference Guide

Sound is classified into two basic types: Airborne Noise – talking, music, TV Structure-Borne Noise – impact floor noise commonly referred to as footfall noise, dragging furniture, dog walking, etc STC (Sound Transmission Class) A value for evaluating the performance of interior walls and the floor/ceiling assembly to stop or insulate airborne The higher the […]

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Soundproofing Floors – Jumpax Case Study

Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( M.I.T.) M.I.T is a large, highly residential, research facility with a majority of enrollments in graduate and professional programs M.I.T. current and previous faculty has won eight Nobel Prizes M.I.T. More than one third of the United States’ manned spaceflights have included MIT-educated astronaut. Project: W1 Building on the M.I.T. […]

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Soundproofing Floors News

Soundproofing Floors USA is a leading manufacturer of soundproofing floors underlayment materials, announced today the availability of its innovative underlayment solution, Cerazorb Soundproofing Floor Underlayment for wood flooring. Cerazorb Soundproofing underlayment is now available for floated or glue down wood flooring  offering acoustical performance of up to a 23dB decrease in an extremely lightweight system.  […]

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